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makes your life easier

You don't need to carry loose coins or plastic tokens to open shopping carts. With one NOKEN you can open as many shopping carts as you want, without it ever leaving your keychain.


The NOKEN can replace the US and Canadian quarters, 0,5 or 1 Euro coins, Romanian 0.5 RON, Hungarian 100 Forint, GBP 1, also usable in Norway, Denmark, Finland and every country where coins used for unlocking shopping carts have a diameter between 22.5 and 24.5 mm.

lifetime warranty

The NOKENS are cut by an industrial laser from a stainless steel board. Due to the fact that it will most likely outlive it's owner, every NOKEN comes with a lifetime warranty.


You can instantly retract the NOKEN out of the shopping cart the second you have unlocked it. This helps you a lot when you don't have enough time to take the shopping cart back to the corral, so you can leave it anywhere. We do not recommend you do this!


Take full advandage of the bundles to save money! Give NOKENS away as gifts or even resell them!


one noken


two nokens


three nokens


Lot of 5

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  • 5 NOKENS
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping
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Our clients say

People LOVE the NOKEN. It makes your life so much easier when you are running out of time and have no coins. It is a “lifehack” to own one of these, some people say. Read some of our reviews gathered in over 10 years of selling this original product.

Rated 5/5 in over 1000 EBAY reviews


"This is great! Sometimes I really do not have time to push the cart back to where it belongs so I leave it (out of the way) for employees to take it back. The noken is retractable so you dont have to go back if you are really in a hurry. I just bought the five pack as gifts for my family. Shipping was fast and the package was in great condition when I got it!"
Hilary L.
Verified Buyer
"Awesome, ingenious, slick... I love it! And it got here super fast. Gotta order one more for the wife before she steals mine. Thanks guys, I am gonna be using the noken every day!"
James S.
Verified Buyer
"I keep my Noken attached to my car key. Every week when I go to Aldi I pull it out of my pocket and I am able to unlock my cart and get on with my shopping in less than a second! Even better, it's removable, so it's not trapped in my cart for my whole shopping trip. It's also made of thick steel so there's no risk of it bending it breaking any time soon."
Shawn H.
Verified Buyer
"I was so sick and tired of not having coins with me and looked online. First I used a plastic one that broke in a week and then found the Noken. Five years later, I still have it. Still works great!"
Jack R.
Verified Buyer



Push the NOKEN into the coin slot.


Twist the NOKEN to either side.


Retract the NOKEN and use the cart freely

Frequently asked questions

The Noken is a device used to unlock a shopping cart blocking mechanism, instead of a coin. It is, however, unique amongst other replacements, because a very smart feature: it can be extracted right away. This means that the Noken is in contact with the cart only for a second, then you can put it back to your pocket.

Noken can be used for any cart unlocked with US and Canadian quarters, 0,5 or 1 Euro coins, Romanian 0.5 RON, Hungarian 100 Forint, GBP 1, also usable in Norway, Denmark, Finland and every country where coins used for unlocking have a diameter between 22.5 and 24.5 mm. If in doubt, tell us the type of coin you actually use and we’ll tell you whether you should buy a Noken or not.

The Noken’s material is stainless steel, so it probably will outlive the owner. This is why we offer lifetime warranty for any Noken used under normal circumstances. NOTE: beware of counterfeit Nokens made of plastic or even printed on 3D printers, because these are wearing out very quickly.

Of course it is, the coin you use for the same purpose is not a payment, it remains in your property.

If you have any other questions regarding the NOKEN, please contact us via Live Chat or at