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What is a Noken ?

The Noken is a device used to unlock a shopping cart blocking mechanism, instead of a coin. It is, however, unique amongst other replacements, because a very smart feature: it can be extracted right away. This means that the Noken is in contact with the cart only for a second, then you can put it back to your pocket.

Can I use it anywhere?

Noken can be used for any cart unlocked with US and Canadian quarters, 0,5 or 1 Euro coins, Romanian 0.5 RON, Hungarian 100 Forint, GBP 1, also usable in Norway, Denmark, Finland and every country where cois used for unlocking have a diameter between 22.5 and 24.5 mm. If in doubt, tell us the type of coin you actually use and we’ll tel you whether you should buy a Noken or not.

What is the Noken made of ?

The Noken’s material is stainless steel, so it probably will outlive the owner. This is why we offer lifetime warranty for any Noken used under normal circumstances. NOTE: beware of counterfeit Nokens made of plastic or even printed on 3D printers, because these are wearing out very quickly.

Is it legal to use a Noken?

Of course it is, the coin you use in the same purpose is not a payment, it remains in your property.